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Compagnie Ample Man Danse


An epic choreography revolving around the famous “Trotteur”, the man – the legend – who ran faster than horses, ships and trains!
Five dancers present a dynamic – and at times equine – dance inspired by the personality, passion and eccentricity of Alexis Lapointe (1860 – 1924), known as the “man-horse.”
Marginalized and derided by loved ones who refused to accept his idiosyncracies, this Quebec folk hero with extraordinary physical abilities became a beloved fair animal during his time, widely revered for his exploits and applauded with an admixture of curiosity and admiration. How would ALEXIS – the eternal teenager who dared to magnify his differences – be received today?
A century after the death of the “Trotteur”, Ample Man Danse pays tribute to the man through a choreographic process that pairs contemporary dance with on-stage interactivity in an effort to explore the mechanisms at work behind the creation of legends, with a desire to emancipate the character and his need to exist in the eyes of others serving as leitmotif.

From 10 years
65 minutes
Choreographer : Simon Ampleman
Performers: Simon Ampleman, Valmont Harnois, Juan Sebastian Hoyos Correa, Gabrielle Simard and Liane Thériault
Playwright: Mélanie Viau
Rehearsal director: Claude Bellemare
Lighting designer: Joëlle LeBlanc
Sound environment designer and original music composer: Gabriel Vinuela-Pelletier
Costume Designer: Jonathan Beaudoin
Acting Advisor: Frédéric Cloutier
With the support of the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec and the Conseil des arts de Montréal

Interprètation : Simon Ampleman, Valmont Harnois, Juan Sebastian Hoyos Correa, Gabrielle Simard et Liane Thériault

Chorégraphie : Simon Ampleman

Dramaturgie : Mélanie Viau

Répétition : Claude Bellemare

Composition musique originale et environnement sonore : Viñu-Vinu

Conception lumière : Joëlle LeBlanc

Conception costumes : Jonathan Beaudoin

Conseil jeu d’acteur : Frédéric Cloutier