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Théâtre Desjardins plays a fundamental role in bringing together creators, artists, artistic works and audiences. The theatre’s team believes it’s crucial to provide an audience with a greater understanding of a given work, regardless of that audience’s age or interests. By doing so, we are promoting the exchange, transmission and development of critical thinking. This is what we refer to as “artistic mediation.”

Either before or after certain performances, an mediator will oversee an exchange between the producers, the artists and the audience in order to best understand the artistic approach of the creators. These talks give the audience a chance to share their impressions, ask questions of the artists and expand their critical knowledge.

Our mediator team

Paméla Dumont : Paméla is an actress and has been an artistic mediator for seven years. She combines the elements of creation and communication in her own works and is an artistic mediator for many creative and broadcasting organizations. She is responsible for cultural mediation at Théâtre Denise-Pelletier, hosts discussions with the public at Théâtre Desjardins and is a mediator at Azimut Diffusion, Théâtre Advienne que pourra, Théâtre Le Clou and Théâtre de La Foulée. Get-togethers with the public are her passion. As an actress-creator, she believes mediation is a creative act in and of itself, enriching both the work and the audience’s understanding and reception towards it..

Martin Lebrun : Actor, author and cultural mediator, Martin holds a degree in performance from the National Theater School of Canada and a Bachelor’s degree in Literary Studies from Université Laval. Since 2016, he has combined his passion for literature and theatre by creating support tools and leading cultural mediation activities with Les Voyagements and Théâtre Advienne que pourra. These successful initial experiences led him to collaborate with various organizations (Théâtre le Clou, Azimut Diffusion, Ville de Montréal, etc.). He is passionate about meeting with audiences from all backgrounds to defend a value that is near and dear to him: access to culture and the democratization of the arts.

Workshops are organized throughout the year in connection with the current programming schedule. The workshops are targeted towards different types of audiences and often conclude with a performance, thereby providing a complete cultural experience. These workshops take various forms: Discussions can include subjects such as creation, conception and guidance; participants can expect to find themselves discovering new facets, developing a sense of ownership, exchanging ideas, learning, and questioning themselves about a theme, a work or an artistic practice.


Coming soon

Since autumn, 2022, Théâtre Desjardins has had an artistic vision statement: It defines the nature of its programming and the foundation for artistic development.

See the world at Théâtre Desjardins

Théâtre Desjardins carefully selects and presents a variety of shows that reflect the south-west sector of Greater Montreal’s population. It’s an extensive yet balanced program where a wide range of performing arts disciplines are presented, bringing together established artists, fresh talent and artistic works in progress. Its programming enhances the region’s cultural development thanks to the themes that are addressed in tandem with artistic quality and accessibility. Salle Jean-Grimaldi and Studio 1111 are local stages that provide unique experiences between performance and audience.


An accessible theater for the artistic community

Théâtre Desjardins contributes to the harmonization of artistic creation / production / dissemination with a constant mindfulness of the acceptance of its works among its audiences.

To help achieve this goal, Théâtre Desjardins provides residencies for companies, collectives and Montreal artists at different times of the year. Performances that are being created and produced are provided with access to the theatre’s equipment. The theatre also assists with promotion and accompanying awareness-raising and support.

A selection of accompanying notebooks is available that elaborate upon themes that are addressed in the works. Also available are various genre-specific notebooks focusing on disciplines that are presented at the theatre such as dance, storytelling, circus performance, etc. (these workbooks are only available in French for the moment).

Théâtre Desjardins provides show programs before certain performances (these show programs are only available in French for the moment).