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The Société de la salle Jean-Grimaldi is a social economy enterprise (NPO), a major multidisciplinary distributor and cultural manager, offering varied artistic experiences to the citizens, cultural and student communities, and artistic and social organizations of the south-west sector of Greater Montreal. It contributes to the cultural citizenship of its audiences thanks to its inclusive programming, its equipment accessibility and raising awareness of the arts and culture.


The Société de la salle Jean-Grimaldi was mandated to promote performing arts and culture by its founding partners – the borough of LaSalle and Cégep André-Laurendeau – in order to contribute to the goal of having a rich and inclusive living environment.

Strategic Vision Statement 2023-2028

By 2028, the Société de la salle Jean-Grimaldi will have an ambitious, inclusive, diversified artistic and cultural program that will be appreciated by an ever-growing audience coming from varied demographic backgrounds. It will consist of a proud, creative team that is backed by supportive partnerships. Benefitting from its collaboration with its founding partners, the société will develop new projects that highlight its uniqueness, and enhance its impact in the community and the south-west area’s economy.



Be creative. Drive business growth. Aim for excellence and organizational efficiency. Initiate bold and innovative projects. Provide the means to achieve ambitions.



Promote inclusion and participation among all generations and all citizens. Support all forms of artistic expression. Employ staff with complementary strengths and skills. Encourage freedom of expression among all société stakeholders.


Ensure the expectations of citizens, artists and employees are at the heart of all actions. Commit to the common good and eco-responsibility. Demonstrate authenticity, transparency and exemplary management. Actively participate in community life in the south-west sector of Greater Montreal.


Encourage involvement by audiences, subscribers, partners, members of the board of directors, employees and citizens pertaining to organizational development. Seek the highest standards of professionalism and efficiency. Create a sense of belonging.


Nurture an organizational culture based upon team spirit, mutual support, respect and listening. Build multiple business and artistic partnerships. Encourage communication and feedback.


See the world at Théâtre Desjardins

Théâtre Desjardins carefully selects and presents a variety of shows that reflect the south-west sector of Greater Montreal’s population. It’s an extensive yet balanced program where a wide range of performing arts disciplines are presented, bringing together established artists, fresh talent and artistic works in progress. Its programming enhances the region’s cultural development thanks to the themes that are addressed in tandem with artistic quality and accessibility. Salle Jean-Grimaldi and Studio 1111 are local stages that provide unique experiences between performance and audience.

An accessible theatre for the artistic community

Théâtre Desjardins contributes to the harmonization of artistic creation / production / dissemination with a constant mindfulness of the acceptance of its works among its audiences.
To help achieve this goal, Théâtre Desjardins provides residencies for companies, collectives and Montreal artists at different times of the year. Performances that are being created and produced are provided with access to the theatre’s equipment. The theatre also assists with promotion and accompanying awareness-raising and support.


With its “eco-responsible stage” accreditation, the Société de la salle Jean-Grimaldi will increase its efforts regarding eco-responsibility. It is committed to continuously reviewing its operations pertaining to welcoming artists, audiences, the community and its employees in an environment that promotes sustainable development.